Five Enjoyable Activities to Help You Lose Weight

Sunday, December 21, 2008

For some, going to the gym to exercise has become an exhausting effort. It is boring and wearying, specifically if you are flying solo. Diet pills and supplements will not suffice either if you're looking to trim weight. You are left with no option but to break a bucket of sweat.

Heading to the gym is not the only way to workout, though. There are tons of activities that are not only fun, but would also help you drop excess weight. You just need some creativity to find the best one for you. Below are some examples to give you a better idea.

Go hiking. Go to the nearest hiking trail with several of your friends. There's a couple of websites that will help you find a trail that would fit you best. While you're at it, take advantage of the clean air and surroundings and camp for the night.

Join a biking club. Aside from improving your heart health, biking can help you develop your strength and coordination. Roughly anyone can learn how to work a bike. If you need assistance, local cycling clubs are always considerate of fresh recruits. Partake in events such as club rides if you feel that you're ready.

Learn how to dance. Dancing will not only help you burn calories, it will also help you refine your social skills. Depending on what variety of dance you are doing, dancing has many health benefits. Ballroom dancing, for example, helps you build stamina and alleviate stress. Dance lectures will cost you, but it sure is better than running on a treadmill.

Pick up a physical sport. Winning, or being skilled at it, is not really the point. What's more important is to get up, get out and get those muscles to work!

Get a dog. Taking your dog for an early walk is a good way to start the day. A medium or big-sized dog would be your best pick.