Do I Eat More When I Am Mentally Overworked?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Does creative thinking, analysis, and mental exertion drive you to gain in weight more?

Thinking in excess may increase one’s hunger. Many people know this to be true because a busy day of mental work can be as physically wearying as actual physical work. According to research, mental work "destabilizes" insulin and glucose levels, hence increasing one’s hunger and shall ultimately spur you to eat more. There are a number of factors that point to a boost in appetite, and a lot of those has something to do with the mind of an individual.

A major mental factor is one that is induced by mental activities - stress. Eating more is likely induced by stress. In the past, even I tend to eat a lot more when I'm stressed out. As soon as you let your guard down, this response of your body to your state of mind will be natural.

Rats are no different from people. A particular hormone named glucocorticoid steroid hormone, or cortisol in humans, is discharged by chronically stressed rats according to researchers. This spurs the rats to actively partake in pleasure-seeking acts. These acts would eventually help them acquire abdominal obesity due to the amount of high-energy foods that they devoured.

Someone will promote abdominal obesity by too much or unessential eating. Diabetes, stroke, and increased risk of heart attack are just some illnesses and disease linked to abdominal obesity. So it is better to halt stress in its tracks than appease it with an oily pizza and large soda!

According to British researchers, boredom and loneliness shares the blame. About fifty percent of adults eat too much because of boredom and loneliness. Comfort foods, like junk foods and ice cream is to blame here. These foods are usually consumed in large bulks passing along large bulks of fat too!

Now that you are informed, it is a good time to be watchful of your hunger after a hard day at work. You should eat, by all means, if you are legitimately feeling hungry. Commit to mind that what your body needs is proper nutriment, so eat healthy and eat right! Eating a well planned healthy diet and exercise is a certain way to remove the woes of your weight off your mind.